Timeless Automobiles

We worked on creating the thumbnails for “Timeless Automobiles”, the documentary, centered around the world of classic and vintage cars, aimed to capture the beauty, history, and allure of these remarkable vehicles. It delves into the stories behind the timeless automobiles, their restoration processes, and the passionate individuals who have preserved and cherished them over the years.


Our agency was responsible for designing a set of eye-catching and informative thumbnails that would serve as the visual representation of the "Timeless Automobiles" documentary.

  • Design

    Graphic Design

⬤ 01. Challenges

Conveying the narrative.

The project’s goal was to create thumbnails that would entice viewers to engage with the documentary, showcasing the essence of the program while piquing their interest.

Each thumbnail had to convey the documentary’s narrative and capture the emotional connection people have with these timeless automobiles.

Color palette


R 33
G 160
B 160

Light Sea Green


R 192
G 194
B 195



R 218
G 222
B 221



R 34
G 31
B 31

Raisin Black


R 197
G 14
B 31

Fire Engine Red

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