Second Chance Fosters.

Designing and developing a landing page for a pet fostering service as part of a social project focused on animal care. The project aimed to create an engaging and user-friendly online platform to connect potential foster parents with animals in need of temporary homes.


The main goal of this project was to create an engaging and user-friendly landing page for a pet fostering service. The landing page should effectively convey the organization's mission and encourage users to participate in pet fostering.

  • Design

    Web Design

  • Client

    Second Chance Fosters

⬤ 01. Challenges

Inspiring empathy and action,
and prioritizing information
without overwhelming.

We aimed to create a landing page that not only attracted potential foster parents but also effectively conveyed the significance of company’s mission in animal care.

We had to carefully curate the content to evoke compassion without overwhelming users with distressing content that might turn them away.

⬤ 02. Experience

Sparking compassion
and creating emotional
connection with an audience.

This project highlighted the power of combining technology and design with a social cause, demonstrating how digital platforms can be used to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

It served as a reminder of the importance of using our skills and expertise to support meaningful initiatives and contribute to a better world.

Color palette


R 226
G 249
B 184

Tea Green


R 147
G 159
B 92

Moss Green


R 187
G 206
B 138

Spring Bud


R 209
G 96
B 20

Cocoa Brown


R 49
G 55
B 21

Black Brown

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⬤ 03. Mobile Experience

Enhancing accessibility
and engagement.

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