Real Talk Podcast

Our design agency undertook the task of creating a thumbnail for the “Real Talk Podcast”, raw and open discussions about everyday challenges hosted by 4 friends.


The rask was to craft an eye-catching graphic that entices potential listeners. The project involved a careful balance of creativity and simplicity.

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    Graphic Design

⬤ 01. Challenges

Reflecting the tone.

To meet this objective, our design team carefully selected imagery, color schemes, and typography that reflected the podcast’s tone and content. The use of bold, contemporary fonts combined with vibrant colors and expressive visuals aimed to grab the attention of the audience scrolling through podcast platforms.

The podcast’s name was rendered in a bold, sans-serif font. The choice of font was deliberate – clean and easily readable, it reflected the podcast’s commitment to clarity and transparency. Placing the text prominently ensured that the podcast’s identity was immediately recognizable.

Color palette


R 104
G 167
B 220

Ruddy Blue


R 238
G 122
B 125

Light Coral


R 93
G 195
B 118



R 241
G 242
B 240

White Smoke


R 10
G 9
B 9


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