Creating a professional WordPress website for an accounting and bookkeeping company. The website aimed to showcase Ponivan’s expertise, reliability, and commitment to safety while providing a user-friendly experience for both potential clients and existing customers.


Create a website that reflects company's professionalism and expertise in the accounting industry, focusing on a clean layout and intuitive navigation.

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    Web Design, Logo

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⬤ 01. Challenges

Providing clients
with a secure platform.

We had to develop a clean, elegant, and reliable WordPress website with the primary objective of providing potential clients with all necessary information about accounting services.

The design aimed to convey a sense of reliability and trustworthiness to instill confidence in potential clients.

⬤ 02. Experience

A fluid visual user
experience with
new solutions.

Ensuring that the website’s aesthetics did not overshadow the core message of Ponivan’s expertise and commitment to clients was crucial.

Presenting complex accounting services, pricing structures, and bookkeeping nuances in a way that is clear and easily understandable for potential clients required careful content creation.

Color palette


R 255
G 255
B 255



R 229
G 231
B 235

Anti-Flash White


R 3
G 22
B 77

Royal Blue


R 0
G 0
B 0


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⬤ 03. Mobile Experience

Enhancing accessibility
and engagement.

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