Our agency collaborated with LANS App to create a concept of a modern Webflow landing page for their product. The page was designed to showcase the app’s features and benefits, such as the innovative pay-as-you-go workspace solution.


Our main goal was to design aconcept of an intuitive landing page that highlights LANS App's key features. We also focused on ensuring the design's responsiveness across different devices.

  • Design

    Web Design

⬤ 01. Challenges

Balancing visuals and usability.

We aimed to strike a balance between a visually attractive design and an easy-to-navigate layout to effectively communicate LANS App’s benefits.

Adapting the design to various devices required careful attention to ensure a seamless experience on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

⬤ 02. Experience


We had a great collaboration with the client, who provided us with valuable feedback and guidance throughout the process.

We are proud of the final result, a concept of a simple and functional landing page that would effectively communicate LANS App’s unique offerings, inviting users to explore flexible workspace access.

⬤ 03. Mobile Experience

Enhancing accessibility
and engagement.

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