Our project involved designing the packaging for a new line of fruit soda drinks under a unique and innovative brand, FruitsUp. The client’s brand was built around the concept of offering a healthier alternative to traditional sodas, emphasizing the use of real fruit juices and natural ingredients.


Our agency was tasked with developing a packaging design for FruitsUp's range of fruity soda drinks. This encompassed various flavors, each with its distinctive appeal.

  • Design

    Graphic Design, Packaging, Branding

⬤ 01. Challenges

Differentiating from competitors.

Our goal was to capture the essence of FruitsUp’s unique fruit flavors, create eye-catching visuals, and establish a consistent and recognizable brand presence on their soda cans.

The primary challenge was to differentiate FruitsUp from its competitors in a crowded beverage market. We had to create a vibrant design, catering to a broad audience while maintaining a healthy, natural image.

⬤ 02. Experience

Creative exploration.

The initial stages of the project were filled with creative exploration. The challenge of visually representing the freshness and naturalness of the fruit soda pushed us to think outside the box.

In the end, our goal was to deliver a packaging design that not only protected and preserved the fruit soda but also communicated the brand’s message, attracted the target audience, and contributed to the overall success of the product in the market.

⬤ 03. Wider view

Exploring the product.

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