Dinner at 7

Our mission was clear: craft a home clothing brand that blends sophistication, timeless elegance, and simplicity. “Dinner at 7” isn’t just about clothes, it’s about creating a lifestyle where comfort and style intertwine.


Our task was to bring "Dinner at 7" to life, ensuring it resonated with those who value not just what they wear but how it feels.

  • Design


⬤ 01. Challenges

An expression of warmth.

Our challenge was to shape a brand that captures the spirit of shared dinners, cozy evenings, and stylish simplicity. From designing the logo to making a website that’s easy to use, we aimed to create a look and feel that tells comfort, style, and sustainability.

The challenge extended to crafting an identity that mirrors the brand’s soul. “Dinner at 7” isn’t just a name, it’s an expression of warmth. Earthy tones, clean lines, and a touch of grace became the building blocks of a brand that invites you to step into its world.

⬤ 02. Experience

Personal touch.

Our task extended to the virtual realm, where we aimed to design a website that wasn’t just a platform to sell clothes but an extension of the brand. It’s a digital haven where visitors explore collections, understand brand’s values, and become part of the “Dinner at 7” community.

This project wasn’t just about visuals;, it was about creating an emotional connection. Every package that leaves brand’s space carries a little piece of them – a message card expressing gratitude, introducing the brand, and inviting customers to be part of their story.

Color palette


R 245
G 245
B 245

White Smoke


R 217
G 205
B 184



R 216
G 185
B 195



R 125
G 92
B 78



R 128
G 128
B 128



R 51
G 51
B 51


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