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Designing and developing a pleasing WordPress website that aligns with companys’s brand image and exudes elegance.


Create an online platform that showcases company's beauty services. A welcoming and visually striking website that immediately captures the users' attention.

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    Web Design

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    Bella Pelle

⬤ 01. Challenges

Creating stunning
user-friendly website that
showcases beauty services.

One of the significant challenges encountered during the development of this project was ensuring that the website catered to both aesthetic and functional requirements.

The website had to feel inviting and reflect the beauty industry’s ambiance, establishing contact with the visitor from the first seconds.

⬤ 02. Experience

the industry's allure.

We’ve created the website that feels inviting and reflects the beauty industry’s ambiance while remaining practical and easy to navigate.

Company’s clear vision helped us to create a website that truly represents the elegance of their brand.

Color palette


R 255
G 255
B 255



R 234
G 202
B 179

Desert Sand


R 244
G 218
B 199



R 0
G 0
B 0


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⬤ 03. Mobile Experience

Enhancing accessibility
and engagement.

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