We worked on creative project for AL 7MO CIELO, a production studio whose mission is to bring creative visions to life through exceptional audiovisual productions. They strive to elevate storytelling to new heights and transport audiences to the ‘seventh heaven’ of entertainment.


Our main task was to design a logo that serves as a powerful visual representation of the studio's name and brand identity, AL 7MO CIELO. It should capture the essence of being in 'seventh heaven,' evoking feelings of joy, wonder, and creative excellence.

  • Design

    Graphic Design, Logo

⬤ 01. Challenges

A forward-thinking studio.

The client wanted a logo that would make it clear that they are a creative, innovative, and forward-thinking studio dedicated to delivering exceptional audiovisual experiences.

They aimed for a logo design that would withstand the test of time and not become quickly outdated. A timeless quality that ensures its relevance for years to come.

⬤ 02. Experience

Leaving a lasting impression.

We wanted to ensure that the logo effectively communicates the brand’s characher to the intended audience, which includes filmmakers, clients, and the broader public.

Our team crafted a logo that is not only unique but also stands out in a crowded market. The design that is creative, innovative, and capable of leaving a lasting impression.

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